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Assam the gateway of North East Region comprising of eight states including Sikim is endowed with vast mineral and natural resources. But due to lack of proper infrastructural Facilities it is crippled with developmental process over the years. Now it is utmost necessary to link regional economy of North-East with the Dynamic South-East Asian produces to meet the thrust to the developmental process.

The North-East region shares 98% of the border with international border of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China. Therefore taking advantage of it, Asom in specific and the North-East as a whole may explore the possibility of tapping the potential of the existing market in the neighboring countries and economies of the South-East Asia for development of Trade & Commerce in the region.

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Despite today's grim scenario there is room for hope, arising from
1. The growing demand for goods and services
2. The opportunities for cross border trade and commerce with our South Asian and South East Asian neighbours.
3. A relatively low wage labour force.
4. A fairly high literacy rate.
5. Availability of low cost inputs, albeit a limited range, particularly in the North-East Indian states that surround Asom, that can feed small and medium enterprise(e.g. Agricultural and forest produces, Some mineral based raw materials).

In order to develop industrial infrastructure and for securing the orderly establishment of industries in Industrial Area (I/A), Industrial Estate (I/E), Growth Centres, and in establishment commercial estate for the growth of industries in the state of Asom, the AIIDC was established in the year of 1997 under the provision of Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Act 1990.

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